Hoisting Equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in lifting equipment and spare parts, through the long arm extended heavy can be transported to the far away from the base areas, and is suitable for vehicle, ship loading and unloading operations. Boom A tilting the pitch and not pitch level two. The superior geographical environment, convenient traffic conditions, to bring unlimited business opportunities and better prospects for development. Jib type crane Like to rotary, through the crane slewing and arm pitching or lifting the car along the arm of the operation, the weight of the movement is within a certain range. This kind of crane capacity to arm when the minimum amplitude Rated lifting weight and rated lifting force moment to say. Amplitude is away from the center line of the hoist crane horizontal distance, lifting moment is the product of the gravity and magnitude of lifting objects. The main single, double girder Bridge crane, gantry cranes, metallurgical cranes, bucket crane, hydraulic lifting platform for elevator, crane, bridge erecting machine, electric hoist and undertake lifting equipment repair and maintenance, installation Debugging, all kinds of non-standard design. The crane hoisting, luffing, slewing and running, metal etc.. Hoisting mechanism of crane is a basic work, mostly composed of suspension system and winch, Also through the hydraulic system of lifting heavy objects.
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